Artists Corner:The Best Social Platform

Artists Corner:The Best Social Platform


Note from HipHop Galaxy: this is a guest post from Silas Beats(@silasbeats),an African HipHop Producer and writer who provides industry advice to a variety of up and coming artists.Check out his website

I often get asked which social media platform is the best. I get asked which one will be the easiest to use or the one that will bring the best results. My answer is always based on how you use that piece of social media.

You could be on the worst piece of social media and still manage to grow a huge following. It’s all got to do with the amount of engagement you’re willing to have with people. Too many times people are looking for a piece of social media that’s easy to use and doesn’t require much input. Unfortunately that app doesn’t exist. It’s always going to be a stack of hard work.

My first piece of advice for people looking to up their numbers on social media is to comment and give your opinion. Use social media  as a platform to talk to new people that would have never interacted with you in the real world. The more you do this, the better a position you put yourself in to be noticed and generate sales and get new clients.  You need to get into the heads of the people that you’re talking to. It’s like dating…

…Stay with me here…

…You need to put the time and effort into the relationship otherwise you’ll remain acquaintances and you’ll never move to the next level.

You may ask how to do this and the answer I’ll give is also always the same. Talk to people. Engage with people as much as you can on social media.

Personally, I know I have the capacity to take care of a twitter, Facebook and Instagram account. I have other platforms for engagement but those 3 are the major ones. I spend a bit of time each day talking to new people. A lot of the time people frustrate me because of the things they say, but I grin and bear it. There are a whole lot of really cool artists out there.

There are a lot of people out there looking for someone with skills like yours. With regards to frequency I’d say talk to people until your fingers bleed. You can never do enough. I have people that I’ve been talking to me for 2 straight years. They  only recently moved into jobs where they have capital to spend on music. In some cases I’m sure it took them 2 years to feel comfortable enough to contact me and actually spend cash on my products. Sometimes you have to play the long term game with social media. Just keep at it.

My bottom line would be to collect every contact that you can. When you’re happy, carry on networking and getting to know your people. Social media is a long haul game where the weak won’t survive long. How badly do you want this music thing? Let me know if you believe  that being prominent on one piece of social media is better than trying to beat up all the different platforms. Hit me up!

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