Artists Corner: Quality (Where to draw the line)

Artists Corner: Quality (Where to draw the line)


Note from HipHop Galaxy: this is a guest post from Silas Beats(@silasbeats),an African HipHop Producer and writer who provides industry advice to a variety of up and coming artists.Check out his website

I get tracks on a daily. I actually don’t think you understand how many tracks I get a day. Rappers will send music through looking for feedback and from time to time I’ll take time out to listen and give feedback.

What I’ve found though is that too many artists will blame the next person when music comes out sounding wonky. The rapper will complain about the mixing engineer… the mixing engineer will complain about the beatmaker and the beatmaker will complain about their tools. At the end of the day no one’s taken responsibility for a bad song. It’s not their fault. 

My view on the topic is that more musicians need to take responsibility for bad songs and do some introspection to realise that they are the ones that need to improve. Only once people find themselves accountable will they actually make an effort to improve. The improvement will be slow and maybe even painful, but it’s crucial that it happens.

You don’t want to be that delusional artist who doesn’t know that he/she is terrible. You end up looking like one of those crazy people on idols who break down in tears after croaking like a frog in front of the judges.

I’m more than keen to have a listen to what you have to offer, but I just need artists to remember that not everyone is going to think your song is dope. You just need to read the game and react to it. Do best and build your portfolio of work and work on tracks then let your honest friends give you feedback.



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